SEVEN SEAS has worked with customers from almost all regions of the world – Europe, Russia and former CIS, Americas, Asia-Pacific and Africa. From small to big brands, manufacturers to wholesalers and hypermarkets to departmental stores, SEVEN SEAS has served the textile needs of its customers. Working with such a broad customer base has given us experience and taught us how each customer as well as the market comes with specific needs and how we can best serve them. We source the best available information to create our own seasonal collections and also develop collections and products for our customers based on their requirements.

Our list of valued customers include Auchan, Magnet, Globus, Metro, Kenvelo, Aboriginal, Deep, Budmil, Taubert, Modextil, Haselson, Lee Cooper, Lambada, Fame Jeans, Talking Doll, LaPolar, Corona, Hites, Peroe, Cunning, Holstark and many others. In Russia, we also manage our own apparel brand – “7seas”, known for its styling and quality. In Middle East and South Africa, you will find our ‘Seven Seas’ branded embroidery thread and other accessories. Our major markets are Russia, Chile, Australia, Israel, Poland, Germany, France, Canada and the US.