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Our creative team is based in Europe, United States of America and India a€“ blending creativity with global trends. Every season, we develop a huge range of styles based on future forecasts and trends, which are then offered to our customers. Our creative team also works in conjunction with customers to develop special packaging and promotions.
Our production team consists of highly efficient manufacturing units known for consistent quality and reliability. We work in partnership with technologically advance suppliers serving our industry a€“ knitters, weavers, printers, processors, accessories suppliers, etc. Our long-term association and professional working with our suppliers has led to creation of good will for ourselves in the industry.
The product development and marketing team works in coordination with counter parts on our customersa€? side to provide unique product lines as well as marketing and sales solutions through branding and packaging a€“ be it Christmas or Mothera€?s Day. Highly creative people of SEVEN SEAS family are responsible for success of many promotional sales done by our customers.
Our well experienced supply chain team manages every shipment in highly efficient way so that the goods made in our North and South Indian units reach Indian ports at the same time, on time for shipment. SEVEN SEAS< works with nominated shipping and forwarding agents to make shipping and custom clearance easier and faster.
At SEVEN SEAS, our accounts team works in co-ordination with our banks to make sure all documents are well organized and available right when required, so as to not have any delays and unnecessary charges or penalties levied on our customers. We also provide credits to our customers under certain conditions.